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Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese Software

Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese software was the brain child of Allen Stolzfus in search of a better way to learn languages. The teaching is based on the concept of immersion into the language itself. With the help of his brother and the use of computer technology, Rosetta Stone, named after the artifact that unlocked secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics for linguists, was developed.  Rosetta Stone software is currently in use around the world, and millions of users are using it to unlock language learning. Today, Rosetta Stone offers language-learning solutions for about 30 languages in more than 150 countries around the world.

The success of Rosetta Stone Mandarin lies in the natural teaching methods adopted. Languages are taught without translation, memorization or grammar drills. Teaching is based purely on the Dynamic Immersion method; native language speakers and thousands of real-life images help to develop the student’s proficiency in language skills. The Rosetta Stone language learning software is considered the best in the world.

Rosetta Stone offers language course instruction in over 30 languages, including Mandarin Chinese.  The program is used by NASA, US State Department, Fortune 500 companies, approximately 10,000 schools and 5 million people globally.

The Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese language instructions are in CD-ROM format, divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Rosetta Stone Level 1

This level focuses on building a basic Chinese vocabulary and the essential structure of the language. Basic conversational skills, greetings, introductions, questions and answers make up the beginner level of the course.  This is perhaps the most useful level for students of Mandarin Chinese.  Using Rosetta Stone to get a general feel for the Chinese language and learning a few basic Chinese phrases and greetings can be quite useful and perhaps allow you to skip a first basic classroom course in Chinese.  If you are dedicated enough to using the software on your own to do this, then the cost of purchasing the Rosetta Stone software would certainly be worth the expense.  The first basic Chinese course in any reputable Mandarin language program would definitely cost more than Rosetta Stone Mandarin.  The only question is, will you be committed enough to spend the time using Rosetta Stone to be able to waive out of a Chinese class.  You should also check with the Mandarin Chinese language program you are considering, to see if they will allow you to skip the introductory level class.  Most Chinese language programs will as they generally provide some sort of language testing to ensure proper class placement.

Rosetta Stone Level 2

Level two covers building on the basic Chinese vocabulary and language structure. Students learn to talk about the environment, get directions, use transportation systems, dine out, tell time and enjoy basic social interaction in this level of instruction.  This level too has a good deal of value for people who are dedicated enough to focus on working through the Chinese language exercises on the software.  Certainly you would gain much more if the same time were able to be spent in a good Chinese language program class or conversing with native Chinese speakers.  However, if this isn’t possible for you in your current situation, Rosetta Stone Mandarin software may be a good second choice.

Rosetta Stone Chinese Language Learning Software

Rosetta Stone Chinese Software

Rosetta Stone Level 3

The third level connects the student to the world around them, building on the fundamentals of the Chinese language and enhancing conversational skills. Students learn to share opinions and ideas, express personal feelings, talk about daily life, work, interests, current events and more.  It is this level of Chinese language learning that it’s really invaluable to have solid classroom instruction from a native speaking Chinese teacher and to have the opportunity to practice your Chinese language skills with native speakers and receive feedback from them.

The Mandarin Chinese Rosetta Stone CD-ROM language courses are compatible with Windows and Macintosh. The language is taught through extensive exercises in Chinese characters (you can select either traditional or simplified), spoken Chinese and pictures. Instructions in Chinese vocabulary and grammar are delivered in a clear and simple manner. The courses are structured on the assumption that the student has no knowledge whatsoever of Chinese and is supposedly the equivalent of an entire year’s worth of college study. The Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese software has over 8000 pictures, and thousands of Chinese words and phrases, all spoken by a native Chinese speaker. There is strong emphasis on both the spoken and written aspects of the language.

The bottom line is that the Rosetta Stone ‘natural’ approach to Chinese language learning is an innovative and fairly effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese, particularly at the basic level.  If you perfectly master all three levels you will still be at a low to mid intermediate Chinese speaking level.  To speak Chinese at an advanced level, and certainly to read and write Chinese, is going to require more study, preferably in an immersion environment at a good Mandarin Chinese language program.  However, if you have the perseverance to study on your own and are able to master this course, you will be able to save a great deal of money over having to pay for traditional Chinese classes.

If you’re interested in other, less intense ways to study Chinese on your own than using Rosetta Stone Mandarin, you may be interested in this affordable and rather entertaining software designed to help you Learn Chinese from Movies.  You’ll also want to pick up a set of Chinese flash cards to help you with character memorization.  Flash cards are a great way to work in a little language learning during free moments during the day.  Carry them with you and use them regularly in conjunction with Rosetta Stone and you’ll be reading and speaking Chinese in no time.

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  1. Rosetta Stone Mandarin says:

    I’ve used Rosetta Stone to study Chinese and it has helped immensely. The first level of Rosetta Stone Mandarin focuses on building a basic Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and on the essential structure of the language. It definitely gave me a good, solid introduction to the language.

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