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Welcome to Learn Chinese In Taiwan.  We are a new site and are working hard to begin adding content to help those interested in studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan.  We currently have several resources available for those who want to study Chinese abroad in Taiwan.

For a listing of some of the best Mandarin Language programs in Taiwan, take a look at our listings of Mandarin Study Programs.  Most of the language programs listed there have websites or can be emailed for additional information on their study programs.  We also have a page of Mandarin Chinese Study Resources with links to a wide variety of sites  and resources to help you to learn Chinese fast.  Most of the Chinese language learning sites listed there are free.  If you are thinking of studying Chinese abroad you may wish to consider using Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese or another software program to give you a feel for the Chinese language before you take the plunge.  With diligence, it’s even possible to waive out of introductory level courses with by using these programs.

For those who have already made the choice to study Mandarin in Taiwan, feel free to download a free copy of the Taiwan government’s Guide For Foreigners In Taiwan.  This guide covers many of the questions that you may have as a student of Chinese living in Taiwan.

Please consider bookmarking our site and check back often as we continue to develop our site.  We hope to provide reviews of Chinese language schools in Taiwan as well as offering additional resources to help you study Mandarin Chinese.  If you have a comment or suggestion for us, please contact us.  We would be happy to hear from you.

Learn Chinese In Taiwan!

Welcome To Learn Chinese In Taiwan

We are a new site and are just preparing to launch our new site with great content and resources to help those who wish to learn Chinese in Taiwan.  Taiwan is one of the best places to study Chinese with the best university Mandarin Chinese language courses for foreigners as well as other top ranked Chinese language study programs both public and private.  Chinese classes in Taiwan take place within a full immersion environment which gives you many opportunities every day to practice your Chinese language skills with native Chinese speakers and helps you learn Chinese fast.  We hope that you choose Taiwan as the place for your Chinese language studies.

Please check back soon as we will be adding an incredible array of Mandarin Chinese language learning content soon.  For now please take a look at our free language resources to help you study Mandarin Chinese.

If you’re interested in quickly ramping up your Mandarin language ability check out the article below:

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