5 Must Have Foreign Language Apps

Foreign Language Apps For Going Abroad

If you’re planning to go abroad this summer, there are a several things you simply can’t do without. One more must-have that you might not have thought of is foreign language apps. Stick them on your smartphone, and wherever you go, you can be sure you’ll never find yourself in a tight spot.

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A little knowledge goes a long way, and a foreign language app can make the difference between a great holiday and a stressful one. Ultra-low priced apps that take up no space in your suitcase, here’s five must-have foreign language smartphone apps to download before you set off.

Google Translate

One of the most widely used desktop-based language translators, Google Translate is also available for download and use via your smartphone. Its free price is one major positive for the app, as is its ability to translate a whopping 57 different languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

This means that wherever you are planning to go, the chances are that the native language will be covered by Google Translate. There is also a steadily improving speech translator for the app, meaning that not only will you know what to say, but how to say it too. This can be particularly handy with character languages such as Chinese and Japanese.

Word Lens

Word Lens, produced by Quest Visual, is one of the most cutting edge apps available for smartphones. It is a printed word reader, which allows you to take pictures of signs and written instructions, then change them to your native language.

This really is one of the most impressive language apps available on the market today, as you can translate words in real time. It’s great for getting out of tight spots in places such as train stations and cities. One slight drawback is that separate language packs must be bought for it.

MyLanguage Translator Pro

This program is another extremely popular smartphone app to improve your foreign language skills. There is a free version (with adverts) available, and all translations are uploaded by foreign language professionals.

This method means that the translations are often much more accurate than other apps which merely translate via dictionary form and can come up with some fairly surprising results. There are also many obscure languages such as Afrikaans and Albanian stored in the app.


Speechtrans is another extremely powerful translation tool which allows the user to record up to one minute’s worth of speech and then translate it into a different language. This is extremely useful for things such as business language training.

Speaking into the microphone allows for an easy translation of up to 11 different languages in total. Whilst it can be used to translate a foreign language into your own, it can also be used the other way around. If you’re planning to dazzle someone with your knowledge, Speechtrans is a great app to choose.

Jibbigo English/Spanish Speech Translator

A lot cheaper than the Speechtrans app, Jibbigo is able to hop between translation of English and Spanish without the need for an Internet connection. The speech input section of the app adapts to your voice and is fairly successful in erasing any accentual irregularities and delivering an accurate translation of your voice. And remember, Spanish is a language which is not only spoken in Spain, but in much of South America too.

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Author Bio | Amie is a writer and blogger, who works on behalf of sites like Linguarama – Business English Training.  In her spare time she enjoys developing her foreign language skills by traveling and visiting different countries.

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