Mandarin Chinese Study Resources

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Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Resources

Here are some great Mandarin Chinese language study resources.  There are a lot of free Mandarin Chinese study aids, practice tests, Chinese flash cards, Mandarin readings, English to Chinese dictionaries and more on these pages.  Check them out and pick a few favorites to go back to regularly to help you supplement your Chinese classes and improve your study of Mandarin Chinese.  If you have a suggestion of additional Mandarin Chinese study aids to add here, please contact us and let us know.

Mandarin Chinese Study Programs in Taiwan

A listing of the best Mandarin Chinese language programs in Taiwan.  Most of the language schools have a website and may be contacted via email.

Articles on Learning Mandarin Chinese, Taiwan and Chinese Culture

Chinese Language Learning Software

Learn Chinese from Movies

Learn the most common spoken Chinese Characters (3000) “passively” by watching the best Chinese movies ever made. Mix and match subtitles. Watch on any Dvd player, iPhone, Pda and more.  This is paid software but well worth the price as you can quickly ramp up your Chinese language ability while watching films.

Watch Movies and Learn Chinese


Online Chinese Study Tools

  • Clavis Sinica – Excellent online Chinese character flash cards, tests to evaluate your Mandarin language ability – both traditional and simplified Chinese characters


Other Mandarin Chinese Resources Available Online

A Guide to the Romanization of Mandarin Chinese

Online Chinese Radio and News in Mandarin

If you’re looking for Chinese flashcards or Chinese language learning software or Chinese practice tests, check out the Chinese Study Tools available on Amazon.

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  1. Olivia Ewald says:

    I just came back from a summer study program at Shi Da University in Taipei – definitely a great experience and the best way to learn Chinese in my opinion.

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