Taipei MRT Map

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The Taipei MRT is the most convenient way to get around Taipei City


The Taipei MRT is a clean, convenient and relatively economical way to get around all of Taipei City as well as much of surrounding Taipei County – or New Taipei City as it has recently been renamed.  Construction is currently underway to extend the Metro line to Taoyuan International Airport which will be a great convenience once completed.  WiMAX services have even recently been made available on some of the MRT lines, making Taipei the world’s first mobile broadband wireless network on a rapid transit system.

Convenient MRT stations are located throughout Taipei and more and more new stations are springing up in New Taipei City.  Metro tokens may be purchased for single journeys.  A more convenient way to using the Taipei MRT system is to get a Metro card which can be swiped as you enter and exit each station and funds are automatically deducted from your card.  You can get the card at any Taipei MRT station and additional funds may be added to your card at any station as well in addition to a variety of other locations such as 7-11.  As an added convenience the cards may also be used to pay fares on Taipei city buses.  Maps of the entire MRT system are located inside each MRT station as well as inside the trains so while it’s nice to know where you’re going before you go to the station, a map is always handy if you get confused.

Below is a map of the Taipei MRT showing all MRT stations and the different Taipei MRT lines and transfer stations.  As can be seen on the map, bicycles may be taken on the MRT at some locations making bicycle use within the city much easier.  Whether you’re a student in Taipei to learn Chinese in Taiwan, teaching ESL or simply traveling in Taiwan, you’ll find using the MRT system easy to use and very convenient.  Click on the map to view it in it’s entirety and/or to enlarge it for easier viewing.  For other Taiwan travel maps you can check out the selection of Taiwan maps on Amazon.

Taipei MRT Map

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Map of the taipei MRT

Taipei MRT Map

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