Radiation Levels In Taiwan

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Radiation Now Detected In Taiwan


Radiation in Taiwan

****Update*** March 31st, 2011

The Taiwan Government has announced that radiation from Japan’s failed nuclear reactors has now reached parts of Taiwan.  The radiation currently detected is within an acceptable level according the government and is not a cause for concern.

Real Time Radiation Levels In Taiwan

The Taiwan government has provided a publicly available website showing real-time radiation levels throughout Taiwan. Visit the Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network to get the latest numbers for your area of Taiwan.  Radiation levels have been low and stable since the beginning of the Japanese reactor incidents on Friday, March 11th.

Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network Taiwan, Screenshot


What Is A Microsievert of Radiation?

The page shows radiation levels in µSv/h (microsievert per hour). This value reflects how much radiation a biological body absorbs during an hour of being exposed to radiation. When radiation is low the absorbed radiation is low and vice versa.  For example one dental x-ray scan exposes you to roughly 5 µSv and by eating a banana you’ll absorb 0.1 µSv (More Info).Any value below 0.2 µSv/h is safe and no reason for concern.  Prior to the nuclear reactor accidents in Japan,  the natural radiation level in Taipei was 0.071 µSv/h.

If you’re interested to learn more, we recommend this text by Bill Knight from the U.S. National Laboratories in the Health Physics department: Bill Knight, “On The Fukushima Nuclear Emergency – The Media Meltdown”

The bottom line for right now – we’re all safe here in Taiwan right now and are not being exposed to harmful levels of radiation.  So relax.

Not so fast.  The situation has changed since we wrote that.  The threat level of the Japanese nuclear crisis has now been changed to the same as that of Chernobyl.  Check here for updates on the nuclear crisis.

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