Radiation Detected In Taiwan

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Radiation Now Detected In Taiwan


Radiation Expected To Hit Taiwan on Wednesday

****Update*** April 4th, 2011

The Atomic Energy Council of Taiwan said on Sunday (April 3rd) that the amount of radioactive dust released from the Japanese nuclear disaster that will reach Taiwan in the coming days will not pose a health risk.

According to their calculations, radioactive fallout from Japan will reach Taiwan on April 6 and will have a radiation level of 0.0638 microsieverts per hour, below the maximum permissible level of 0.2 microsieverts per hour, said Lee Ruoh-tsann, director the AEC’s Department of Radiation Protection.

On Sunday morning, the radioactive cloud was located over the Pacific Ocean just 300-400 kilometers off the coast of southern Taiwan.

The Government Information Office on Saturday said radioactive dust from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan that was battered by an earthquake and tsunami last month is expected to reach Taiwan on Wednesday, April 6th.

Real Time Radiation Levels In Taiwan

The Taiwan government has provided a publicly available website showing real-time radiation levels throughout Taiwan. Visit the Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network to get the latest numbers for your area of Taiwan.  Radiation levels have been low and stable since the beginning of the Japanese reactor incidents on Friday, March 11th.  Update – The link to the Radiation Monitoring Network is down – strange it would be taken down just when people would be most interested in monitoring it.  I guess if you live in a radiation affected area you’d be better off buying your own geiger counter.

Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network Taiwan, Screenshot


What Is A Microsievert of Radiation?

The page shows radiation levels in µSv/h (microsievert per hour). This value reflects how much radiation a biological body absorbs during an hour of being exposed to radiation. When radiation is low the absorbed radiation is low and vice versa.  For example one dental x-ray scan exposes you to roughly 5 µSv and by eating a banana you’ll absorb 0.1 µSv (More Info on radioactive bananas).Any value below 0.2 µSv/h is safe and no reason for concern.  Prior to the nuclear reactor accidents in Japan,  the natural radiation level in Taipei was 0.071 µSv/h.

If you’re interested to learn more, we recommend this text by Bill Knight from the U.S. National Laboratories in the Health Physics department: Bill Knight, “On The Fukushima Nuclear Emergency – The Media Meltdown”

The bottom line for right now – we’re all safe here in Taiwan right now and are not being exposed to harmful levels of radiation.  So relax.

Not so fast.  Things have changed since we first wrote that.  Today (April 12th), the threat level of the nuclear crisis in Japan has been raised to the same level as Chernobyl.  Check here for updates on the nuclear crisis.

10 Responses to “Radiation Detected In Taiwan”

  1. Wang Dan says:

    Seems strange to me that radiation from Japan was detected in the US over a week ago…and the Taiwan government is just now saying that it will hit Taiwan…and then not until Wednesday…how is that possible?

    • Rick says:

      Well that is possible because winds were going in that direction. Then there is a chance governments aren’t being too clear about it not to spark fear in people (it’s not wise but in Asia these things may happen). In actual fact the news from Europe say the cloud reached Philippines. So i guess it’s around Taiwan and nobody said anything yet. Also….apparently the Japanese weren’t too clear in explaining what type of material they were fuelling in that power plant so the mix we’re getting may not be all detectable. In short……they made a total mess.

  2. John says:

    Your website is down when we need it the most.

    • admin says:

      That site is a Taiwanese government site that provides (did provide?) real-time monitoring of radiation levels. I just checked it myself and it is, in fact, down. It does seem rather strange that it would be down now just when the radiation is expected to hit… It was working fine before.

  3. yaowen says:

    strange, since they announced radiation will arrive in Taiwan this Wednesday, I’m not able to open the website showing real-time radiation levels anymore!? Anyone experiencing the same problem? Although I found this page providing a similar page:

  4. Tracy says:

    I find it strange as well that the website is down. I don’t think that the governments are being honest but they do that to prevent mass panic. I know that the PRC gov did that back when there was a quake in Sichuan. The drinking water was contaminated but we were told it wasn’t. The initial report was squashed.

  5. Tracy says:

    I think the government is trying to prevent mass hysteria. My friend was telling me that if something happened her in Taiwan, the public would go crazy.

    I want to know why the monitoring site is down. I want to know if someone is covering something up.

    Considering what the PRC does, I would bet there is a cover up and I am not normally a paranoid person.

    • admin says:

      I give Taiwan a lot more credit for openness than the PRC. The site being down is a little strange but anyone with a little money could go out and buy a geiger counter and determine if there were any significant levels of radiation. I don’t believe the Taiwanese government would attempt a cover-up on something that could be so easily proven.

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