Living In Taiwan

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A Foreigners Guide To Living in Taiwan


The Official Guide For Foreigners In Taiwan

The Taiwanese government has put together this handy guide for foreigners living in Taiwan.  Covering a variety of topics including health care, opening a bank account in Taiwan, Taiwan visas, immigration and employment this guide covers it all. Best of all, it’s free.  You can download a copy here.

Mandarin Chinese Study Programs

A comprehensive listing of the best Mandarin Chinese Language Programs in Taiwan.  Most of the language programs in Taiwan have a website and can be contacted via email.  Many of those associated with the universities have scholarship programs available.

The Taipei MRT System

An official map of the Taipei MRT system showing all the MRT lines, MRT stations and transfer points in Taipei and New Taipei City – formerly known as Taipei County.

Creative Rice Cooker Cooking

Taiwanese Customs and Traditions

Saving face is an important fact of life everywhere in Asia. Even an accidental infraction is seldom excused. “Face” is a mixture of reputation, pride, dignity, honor, social standing and influence. If you cause someone to lose face, you have committed a great disservice. Many things may cause someone to lose face…Read More Here

Taiwan Maps and Guide Books

The Taiwan Lottery

Whenever you buy something most anywhere in Taiwan – whether it be a Coke at a 7-11 or a new refrigerator – you will be given a receipt.  Hang on to these.  Each one is a potential winning ticket in the National Taiwan Lottery.  On the 25th of every second month the winning numbers will be announced.  Prizes range from 200NT up to 2 million NT.  Your lottery receipt numbers may be checked here.

Where To Eat In Taipei

There are a plethora of restaurants large and small in Taipei serving every conceivable type of food imaginable.  How can you know which ones to go to and which ones to steer clear of?  A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei has you covered.  Great restaurant reviews of restaurants in every price range and food category.

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