China’s Jiaozi Revolution

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A Jiaozi Revolution May Sweep China

Unrest continued to sweep the Middle East and Africa while Beijing cracked down last month to make it clear that any similar protest would not be allowed to occur in China.  Fervent murmuring of an incipient  Jasmine Revolution in China were heating up the internet as supposed mass protests were being organized.  The supposed Jasmine Revolution never materialized, due in large part to a massive crackdown in Beijing and elsewhere unprecedented in recent times.  The stage has been set for the Jiaozi Revolution.

Here Comes The Jiaozi Revolution

SWAT style squads, riot police and undercover police swarmed the site. They rounded up local citizen and foreign journalists alike.  Journalists of course only report the story. Silencing them is easy but the story remains, albeit unreported.  However, there remain many other options of spreading messages of dissent, discontent and revolution in China. As quickly as Beijing can shut down specific sites and servers on the net, others spring up to take their places like the snakes of Medusa.  Beijing may have appeared in the Western press to have won this round, but the discontent and opposition to current political system still remain.  They have just been stifled.  Now that dissent can fester even more in the body politic to point where it becomes infectious.  Even now the people are standing around their local jiaozi stands and their rice cookers at home murmuring their discontent.

The Stage Is Set For the Jiaozi Revolution

Once the infection has thoroughly spread throughout the nation is when it will burst like a boil and the China’s political masters will realize that it’s too late.  They might have made some accommodation with the people in a Jasmine revolution.  In the coming Jiaozi Revolution, that just won’t be possible.  A Jasmine revolution might have smelled fairly sweet.  When the Jiaozi Revolution occurs it won’t be pretty and it won’t smell sweet.



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  1. Wang Dan says:

    The resentment simmering under the surface is much stronger than before the demonstrations in Tiananmen in 1989. The social injustice is so blatant and in your face that today’s China is like a volcano before eruption. This time, however, college students are less a factor. It’s the people with a family to raise who are mostly incensed. A revolution is coming.

  2. Fran says:

    I can truly say that I have never read so much useful information about China’s Jiaozi Revolution – hope it comes to pass

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