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Learning Chinese In Taiwan

Learn Chinese In Taiwan is a website designed to help those interested in studying Chinese abroad in Taiwan, ROC.

Taiwan is one of the best choices to study Mandarin Chinese abroad.  Taiwan has world recognized Mandarin language programs for foreigners at top universities as well as top ranked private Chinese language classes available at well established private language schools.  In addition to being able to provide excellent Mandarin Chinese language programs in a total immersion environment, Taiwan is a remarkable example of a developed Asian economy that still retains it’s cultural traditions and history.  While taking a break from your Chinese classes you will have an opportunity to explore the scenic wonders of Taiwan, practice speaking Chinese with the locals and sampling the authentic Chinese cuisine.

If you’re currently considering the possibility of studying Chinese abroad, a good place to start would be to take a look at our listing of the best Mandarin Chinese language programs in Taiwan.  If you’ve already made the decision to study Chinese in Taiwan you may be interested in taking a look at our Living in Taiwan page.  You can also download a free copy of the Taiwan government’s Guide For Foreigners In Taiwan.  You may also want to get a head start on your Chinese language learning with Chinese language software like Rosetta Stone Mandarin or Rocket Chinese.  Who knows, you may be able to save yourself some money and waive out of introductory level Chinese classes.

If you’re currently a student studying Chinese in Taiwan, we’d love to hear from you and would welcome guest posts about your Chinese studies and experiences in Taiwan.  And, if you’re a prospective student we’d be happy to hear from you as well and would welcome your input and questions as you research your Chinese language study options.  Contact Learn Chinese In Taiwan

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