Using Rosetta Stone To Learn Chinese

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Does Using Rosetta Stone To Learn Chinese Really Work?

Rosetta Stone was the brain child of Allen Stolzfus in search of a better way to learn languages. The Rosetta Stone core principle is immersion into the language itself. Stolzus created Rosetta Stone, naming it after the famed artifact that unlocked secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphic language for linguists.  Rosetta Stone software is currently in use around the world, and millions of users are using it to unlock language learning. Today, Rosetta Stone offers language learning solutions for about 30 languages in more than 150 countries around the world including Rosetta Stone Mandarin.

The success of Rosetta Stone lies in the natural teaching methods adopted. Languages are taught without translation, memorization or grammar drills.  Language teaching is based purely on the Dynamic Immersion method; native language speakers and thousands of real-life images help to develop the student’s proficiency in language skills. The Rosetta Stone language learning software is considered the best in the world.

Rosetta Stone offers language course instruction in over 30 languages, including Mandarin Chinese.  The program is used by NASA, US State Department, Fortune 500 companies, approximately 10,000 schools and 5 million people globally.

Rosetta Stone Mandarin language instructions are in CD-ROM format, divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Rosetta Stone Chinese Level 1

This level focuses on building a basic Chinese vocabulary and the essential structure of the language. Basic conversational skills, greetings, introductions, questions and answers make up the beginner level of the course.  This is perhaps the most useful level for students of Mandarin Chinese wish to get the basics out of the way and learn Chinese fast.  Using Rosetta Stone Mandarin to get a general feel for the Chinese language and learning a few basic phrases and greetings can be quite useful and perhaps allow you to skip a first basic classroom course in Chinese.  Read the full article on the benefits and disadvantages of Studying Mandarin Chinese with Rosetta Stone.