Top Reasons To Study Mandarin Chinese In Taiwan

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Learn to Speak Chinese In Taiwan

The top reasons why Taiwan is the best place to study Chinese

  • Many of the world ranked Mandarin language programs for foreigners are in Taiwan
  • Relatively low tuition rates for Mandarin language programs
  • The benefits of studying Chinese in a full immersion environment
  • The availability of scholarships available for foreigners wishing to study Chinese from the Taiwan government and other institutions
  • The relative ease of living and studying Chinese in a modern Asian country with well developed infrastructure
  • The potential to fund your Chinese language studies by teaching English in Taiwan

For these and other reasons, Taiwan really is your best choice  for learning Chinese in a full immersion environment.  A single year spent studying Chinese in Taiwan will allow those with no previous Chinese language skills to easily acquire basic  to intermediate conversational Chinese ability as well as being able to read and write Chinese at a basic level.  For those who arrive in Taiwan with basic Chinese language abilities, even those acquired through disciplined use of a software program such as Rosetta Stone Mandarin, to dramatically improve their Mandarin Chinese language skills.