The Jiaozi Revolution – Is It Coming?

  • SumoMe

A Jiaozi Revolution

It was hoped by some that a relatively non-violent revolution on the order of Egypt and Tunisia might have happened in China this past month.  Unfortunately, the Jasmine Revolution failed to materialized due, in large part, to a well organized crackdown by Beijing.  However, the failure of the so-called Jasmine Revolution may have set the stage for revolution on an entirely different order of magnitude – the Jiaozi Revolution.

China’s political masters might have made some accommodation with the people in a Jasmine revolution.  In the coming Jiaozi Revolution, that just won’t be possible.  A Jasmine revolution might have smelled fairly sweet.  When the Jiaozi Revolution occurs it won’t be pretty and it won’t smell sweet.  Read more here about the Jiaozi Revolution.