Mandarin Chinese Study In Taiwan

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Mandarin Chinese Study In Taiwan

Before focusing on the details about studying Mandarin in Taiwan, we’ll summarize some basics about studying Mandarin Chinese that anyone interested in even visiting Taiwan should probably take note of. First, to start studying Mandarin in Taiwan, one should almost definitely contact a professional Chinese school or instructor.

Casually picking up Chinese by learning “on the street” doesn’t quite work as effectively as it might with Western languages which are similar in nature. In Mandarin Chinese, there are strict pronunciation and grammar rules you must learn in order to speak properly.  However, after only a few months of Mandarin Chinese study it is possible to improve through self-study and practicing with Taiwanese friends and acquaintances.

Traditional or Simplified Chinese Characters?

It is vital to understand that there is one main difference between Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan and that in Mainland China: the characters. In Taiwan ‘fan ti zi’ or traditional characters are in use, while in Mainland China, the characters have undergone simplification resulting in simplified characters which have replaced the original versions…Read the full article on Studying Mandarin Chinese In Taiwan