Chinese New Year 2011 – The Year Of The Rabbit

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Year Of The Rabbit – 2011

Chinese New Year celebrations for 2011 will soon be coming to end is over, culminating in the Lantern Festival festivities.  People here in Taiwan have already returned to work after having an average of 5 or 6 days off for the holiday but a festive mood still prevails.  People have cleaned their homes and placed bright red colored couplets above and on the sides of their doors with traditional Chinese calligraphy welcoming in the Lunar New Year.  You can learn more here about Chinese New Year, The Year of The Rabbit and Chinese New Year customs and traditions.

The Year of the Rabbit is over and done with for this cycle of the Chinese Lunar Calendar – and you’ve missed the festivities welcoming in our current Dragon Year as well – but don’t worry – there’s still time left to plan your 2013 Chinese New Year celebration if you hurry and celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Snake.

What’s up with all these animals?  Chinese years are named after an animal in cycles of 12 corresponding to the animals of the Chinese zodiac.  People born in each year are thought to have personality traits associated with their particular birth year.  Find out more about the Chinese zodiac system.