The Mandarin Training Center at Taiwan Normal University

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Study Chinese Abroad At The Mandarin Training Center

The Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University is one of the most respected international Chinese language programs.  The Mandarin Training Center has been teaching foreigners Mandarin Chinese as a second language since 1956.  The Mandarin Training Center is now the largest and the most renowned Chinese language center, with over 1,700 students from more than 70 countries enrolled during each academic quarter.

MTC students come from many different cultural and language backgrounds.  All students share the common goal of learning to communicate in Chinese effectively–some for employment; some because of their interests in Chinese culture and history. Many students have never studied Mandarin Chinese before they enroll in MTC. Some start from intermediate and advanced levels. No matter what your motivation for learning Chinese or the level of your Chinese, MTC will help you make rapid progress.

In addition to their regular Mandarin Chinese language program courses, they also offer special Chinese culture courses and 3 week express programs.  For more information on Chinese classes at Taiwan Normal University visit the Mandarin Training Center website.