Radiation Levels in Taiwan from Japan

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Current Radiation Levels In Taiwan – Is It Safe?

*** Update ***  April 11th Japan Nuclear Crisis raised to the same level as that of Chernobyl.  Read the latest nuclear crisis update here.

The disaster at the nuclear plants in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami disasters has fueled plenty of loose talk, wild rumors and many fears regarding rising radiation levels in Taiwan. Hoax emails have even been received by some people warning them of a rapidly approaching radiation cloud heading towards here from Japan.  Relax though – it is highly unlikely that airborne radiation from the Japanese nuclear plants will ever reach Taiwan. **Update** Radiation is expected to hit Taiwan on Wednesday (April 6th) – see below.  For those truly concerned about possible radiation exposure though it’s nice to know that it’s possible to look up live data of current radiation levels in Taiwan.

Real Time Radiation Levels

The Taiwan government has provided a publicly available website showing real-time radiation levels throughout Taiwan.  Continue to Radiation To Hit Taiwan April 6th.