Cooking Using A Rice Cooker

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Learning To Use A Rice Cooker

As a student learning Chinese in Taiwan you may need to adjust your eating habits to suit the local culture and your own living arrangements.  While most any food as well as kitchen appliances that you are familiar with in western countries can be found in Taiwan, it is not always practical or economical to cook as you would at home.  A rice cooker will likely be the most useful appliance in your kitchen if you learn to use it well.

Cooking In Taiwan

Most apartments in Taiwan are not equipped with an oven.  Most families use a gas range to cook their meals in addition to a rice cooker, which is the most common kitchen appliance in Taiwan.  Learning to use a rice cooker is quite simple.  After one or two tries you will soon be cooking perfect rice each time.  However the rice cooker is capable of cooking much more than rice.  Learn to use the rice cooker creatively and you can prepare many western dishes that you would at home using the oven or other kitchen appliances.  Here you can take a look at some rice cooker recipes.  In Taiwan, the rice cooker is also commonly used for steaming vegetables, bao zi – steamed buns filled with pork or vegetables, man tou – steamed bread and more.  For even more recipes for rice cookers, head over to Rice Cooker Fetish.  They have a wealth of information on all things ricecookerish, from recipes and reviews of the best rice cookers to information on different rice varieties and much more.  You can also take a look at some of the best rice cooker brands under a $100 here.


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