Using Rosetta Stone To Learn Chinese

Does Using Rosetta Stone To Learn Chinese Really Work?

Rosetta Stone was the brain child of Allen Stolzfus in search of a better way to learn languages. The Rosetta Stone core principle is immersion into the language itself. Stolzus created Rosetta Stone, naming it after the famed artifact that unlocked secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphic language for linguists.  Rosetta Stone software is currently in use around the world, and millions of users are using it to unlock language learning. Today, Rosetta Stone offers language learning solutions for about 30 languages in more than 150 countries around the world including Rosetta Stone Mandarin.

The success of Rosetta Stone lies in the natural teaching methods adopted. Languages are taught without translation, memorization or grammar drills.  Language teaching is based purely on the Dynamic Immersion method; native language speakers and thousands of real-life images help to develop the student’s proficiency in language skills. The Rosetta Stone language learning software is considered the best in the world.

Rosetta Stone offers language course instruction in over 30 languages, including Mandarin Chinese.  The program is used by NASA, US State Department, Fortune 500 companies, approximately 10,000 schools and 5 million people globally.

Rosetta Stone Mandarin language instructions are in CD-ROM format, divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Rosetta Stone Chinese Level 1

This level focuses on building a basic Chinese vocabulary and the essential structure of the language. Basic conversational skills, greetings, introductions, questions and answers make up the beginner level of the course.  This is perhaps the most useful level for students of Mandarin Chinese wish to get the basics out of the way and learn Chinese fast.  Using Rosetta Stone Mandarin to get a general feel for the Chinese language and learning a few basic phrases and greetings can be quite useful and perhaps allow you to skip a first basic classroom course in Chinese.  Read the full article on the benefits and disadvantages of Studying Mandarin Chinese with Rosetta Stone.

Learning A Second Language Improves Your Life And Your Business

Language Learning and Globalization

As our world become more and more globalized, we continue to find that the more cultured we become, the better we can serve our customers or market towards new customers. Especially in areas with a fast growing Spanish speaking population, Spanish is a great language to learn in the U.S.  If you’re focused on international business, Mandarin Chinese might be your best bet.  If you’ve tried to get started learning a new language but didn’t meet your goals or become fluent, then you might just need an extra push of motivation and understanding of the benefits and process (the process itself is beneficial). This blog intends to further explain the benefits of learning a second language and how it help you grow your business and connection to humanity in general.

Bilingualism Improves Your Personal Experience

The greatest and most obvious benefit of learning a language like Chinese would have to be the greater connection you gain to humanity and the greater understanding you obtain of the human experience. Not only can you connect to more people who speak that language where you live, but you can benefit from the beauty of literature in another language, and connect more with people when you travel abroad. All of this will lead to a greater appreciation for another culture and an overall appreciation for humanity.

Improve Your Workplace Experience

Obviously, one of the benefits of being bilingual in the workplace or your business market is that it gives you an advantage against your competitors. This is a rather simple yet dramatic difference between companies that offer the same service. Not only will it give you an advantage against your competitors but it will help you build your business in new and different directions the more you try to grow and meet the expectations of your market. You’re literally connecting cultures and globalizing the world when you market to people who speak different languages.

Improves Your Brain’s Performance and Health

Think of learning a new language as exercising a muscle. The more you work on it, the more it expands and become flexible. Researchers have found that people who know more than one language can generally solve complex problems more quickly. They have also found that bilinguals generally outperform monolinguals in both verbal and nonverbal tests of intelligence. In my experience learning a new language, it’s taught me how to reassociate with ideas, people, things. From flowers to animals, to flags, to how I perceive the notion of love. Developing new ways to represent the way we experience the world in our minds is perhaps one of the most expansive activities a person can work towards. Why do you think poets are usually also highly spiritual people?

Learning A Language Teaches You Life Lessons

The process of obtaining skills is different for everyone. Some people can leach onto a new language like Mandarin and take off with it, while others have to wait until they’ve totally been immersed in the experience to truly gain the skill. However you decide to start learning a language, it will require commitment, perseverance, hard work and patience. There are programs that make it easier than just reading a book by yourself, so explore all of your options but remember that the process will teach you just as much as the goal. Learning how to persevere, commit, work hard, and wait patiently are about as helpful a group of skills as being able to speak another language. It’s all good for you and your business. Goodluck!

Dr. Hershel E Grafton is a writer and world traveler currently living in Paraguay. He is fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Thai and Lao.

Business Languages To Learn

Most Important Business Languages To Learn

As a business person, you know there is a very high possibility that you will need to conduct business with a person or company that is located in another country. Because of this, it’s a great idea to learn a second language that will help you be a better business person.

There are certain languages that are already a popular choice when it comes to learning the language for business, such as Mandarin Chinese, but there are also plenty of up and coming languages that will be the perfect choice to learn for business.


Brazil is constantly rising as a business powerhouse, Portuguese is one of the best languages to learn for business. Brazil has recently created plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their business. Plus, Portuguese is a great choice because it’s one of the easiest languages to learn, especially if you have experience in romance languages. And with many businesses starting to broaden their reach to Brazil, being fluent in Portuguese can be a great way to boost your resume or to even start your own business.


If your business involves engineering or science, then you’ll want to broaden your Russian tongue. Many businesses that focus on science and engineering outsource plenty of their business to Russia, and knowing the language can make you a great candidate for the job of your dreams.


Most people think of French as only being useful for reading some great literature or swooning a new love interest. But French is actually beneficial for business too, not just your love life. According to a recent study, 68 million people in the world speak French, and it is considered the official language in more than 20 countries. So if you do business with France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland or Haiti, then French would be a great language for you to learn in order to communicate effectively.


There are over 220 million people in the world who speak Arabic, making it a great choice for a business language. Countries like Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Libya use Arabic as their official language, and since plenty of these countries are used for outsourcing or are up and coming when it comes to business development, Arabic can help you boost your career.


Germany tends to have some great economic success, and many business have German ties that require plenty of back and forth communications. If you’ve had an interest in learning German, then it could be a great language for you to learn to boost your career. And if you are working for a company that has ties with Germany, knowing the language could add some money to your paycheck.

Plenty of businesses are building partnerships with businesses in other countries, and this is why it’s a good idea for business people to learn additional languages. While Japanese and Mandarin Chinese tend to be the most popular, Portuguese, Russian, French, Arabic and German are also great up and coming choices to choose.

My name is Lisa Carter,as an MBA student I had the opportunity to learn Chinese online. My corporate path has allowed me to further my education by learning several languages. Some have proved more useful than others.